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Glass Tile Accents

If an entire room or wall of glass tile is too much for you, think about glass tile as jewelry for a room.

Here are some ideas for accent areas that can be created with glass tile.

This is an example of an accent band of glass tiles in a shower. The shower would have looked fine without the accent, but with the addition of the glass tiles, it’s now a custom designed shower!


When decorating glass in the kitchen you can use it in several different places to tie a room together and give it some personality and pizazz!

Let’s say you have a small square of glass used in the intersection of the floor tile. You can take that same glass and use it as an accent in the countertop or backsplash.

Note how this glass tile makes this designer faucet POP!
Glass tile can be used to fill the entire space of a backsplash. Using a blended color pallet helps add interest and hide cooking messes!
Do you have a small kitchen that could really use some “wow factor”? Tile one whole accent wall and watch the entire room come to life!
The glass on this kitchen backsplash ties every other surface in the kitchen together…perfectly!


Note how glass tile is incorporated with plain white tiles to give an otherwise boring space some interest!
The glass tile in this photo is a great contrast to the dark bathroom cabinets!
Glass tile can be useful as well as decorative. Consider tiling behind areas where wet towels will rest. (or just do it because it’s pretty!)
Doesn’t this color feel serene and peaceful for the bath?
Do you have an area in a bathroom that could be the focal point? That’s a great place to use glass mosaic tiles!
Check out how glass tiles were used here in different parts of the bathroom, but particulary the featured area in the shower!
Note how this shower has 2 different size glass tiles and 3 different installation patterns. Glass could have made a beautiful floor here, but often slip resistance and safety is more important than decoration!

Wet Bar

  • 4”-6” backsplash
  • Full accent wall
  • Countertops
Note how this band of glass tile breaks up the larger, field tile. It ties in the other accessories here very well!

Exterior Applications

*Not all glass tiles are suitable to use outside. Ask your salesperson for tiles that are suitable to go outside or in pools or spas.

Craft Projects

You should always save leftover tiles in case of replacement emergency. Let’s say you need 6 square feet of tile and the tile is sold by the box in 10 square foot increments. Don’t stress! Glass tile can be used for so many decorative projects!

Here’s a list of ideas of crafty projects you can create with glass tile:

Commercial Spaces

Glass tile can be the perfect choice to set the style for your commercial space. Think about how glass tile can give personality to your coffee shop, restaurant, boutique, retail store, spa or office space.

Need more ideas? check out our inspiration gallery for more installation ideas!

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