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Where to Use Glass Tile

Glass tile can be used in virtually every room in the house. Whether you are trying to give life to a room with boring tile or you are trying make a statement in a room, there’s a glass tile for you.

Not all glass tile is suitable for all surfaces like floors and exteriors. Be sure to let your salesperson know where you plan to use glass before you fall in love with something that’s not suitable for your surface.

 Here are some ideas for how to use glass tiles in different rooms:

Any Space

You can use glass tile on curved surfaces depending on the angle of the curve you are covering. This allows it to wrap or follow a curve.

Glass tile can also be used on flat surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, table-tops, fireplaces or stair risers. The possibilities are endless.


Think about mosaics again on those mesh mounted sheets. Try to visually separate the tiles into different shapes. Wouldn’t it have been great if you’d known this when you were in Geometry class….

You can create different size squares that can be used as accent dots in the intersection of larger tiles. Your salesperson can help you figure out the best size square to create depending on the size of the other tiles you are using.

This is an example of glass accent dots with a field tile. This dots could also be created with sheets of mosaic glass tile cut into any size accent dot you want.

Glass tiles can be used to create accent stripes or borders! These borders can be mixed with other field tiles or you can create stripes with different colors of glass!

When you think borders, also think about linear patterns. Glass tiles can be used to outline or define a space. Some ideas are outlining the perimeter of a room.  Outlining a focal point to look like an area rug or lines of glass tiles can create length or width in a room.

You can also create patterns with different size glass tiles!

If you use glass tiles as an accent in a shower where the other tiles are too large to use on the shower floor, glass can be beautiful on shower floors.

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