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Sizes of Glass Tile

Before we talk decorating, let’s get some of the basics out of the way.

There are different sizes of glass tile for you to choose from so that you can get creative with places to decorate with glass.

Below are some popular glass tiles sizes:

*Our product catalog will help you with the different sizes of tiles available.

Glass tiles come in individual pierces or on mesh mounted sheets.
Most glass tile mosaics that are mesh mounted are installed one tiny piece at a time. This is wonderful news for you because you can cut those sheets into smaller pieces in order to create your own pattern. We’ll talk about those more in another section and give you plenty of images for inspiration.

Smaller tiles give you more versatility when it comes to places you can use glass. Because of the rise in popularity of glass tiles, they are now offered in almost every shape and size you could want.

If you have the misconception that small tiles will make an area appear larger, you may want to try out different tile sizes in our Virtual Room Designer. We think you’ll find that this isn’t the case! If you’re trying to make a room feel larger, then larger tiles will help. You can incorporate glass into a tile pattern that will help with this overall design strategy.

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