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Shopping for glass tile

When shopping for glass tile, if you are just browsing on your own, remember that glass tile can be sold by the square foot (sf), by the box or by the piece. This can be very important depending on how much tile you will need and how much the product will cost!

We have glass tiles that are very affordable, but some can get quite pricey when they are sold by the piece. If you’re on a budget, this doesn’t mean these tiles aren’t for you. It just means you might want to consider them as an accent so you only need a few!

Our team is here to guide you though every step of the process.

We love glass tile so much, we import it directly to be able to give you more choices and better prices.

 Considerations and Fine Print

When working with glass tiles you want to keep 2 very important things in mind: thickness and size of the space. Not all tiles are the same thickness and you want your tiled surface to be as smooth and level as possible.

Like all other tiles, you’ll need to consider a waste factor when ordering glass tiles. Glass tiles, like other tiles come in “dye lots”. This means when your “lot” of tile was produced, all of the environmental factors were the same and the glass was produced with the same “lot” of color. Ordering replacement glass after your original purpose may not be the exact same shade or “dye lot”.

Not all glass tile is suitable and rated for floors. Ask your salesperson if the glass tile you choose can be used in the application you’re shopping for.

Like any other glass item, glass tiles can scratch so keep this in mind when placing glass tiles.

Special installation methods and products need to be used when working with glass tile. If you are installing the tile yourself, please read the instructions carefully as not all glass tile is installed the same.

Complex installation involving glass tile, multiple sizes and patterns can increase installation cost.

Variation in shade, color and finish is inherent in all fired glass products.
Lastly, consider the use of the space where you are considering glass tile.  Keep circumstances like wet areas, slip resistance and maintenance in mind when making your selection.

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